Core Values

Life Church is committed to making fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ; therefore we place high value on:

  1. The local church being God's instrument to see the Kingdom of God expand on earth
  2. Commitment to a local church
  3. Corporate gatherings for worship, teaching, training, preaching
  4. Small groups
  5. Loving, interdependent relationships
  6. Mutual accountability to and responsibility for one another
  7. An atmosphere of grace, acceptance, forgiveness and encouragement
  8. God's creativity expressed through his people
  9. Diversity of generations and cultures
  10. The uniqueness of each person's ministry and the outworking of their destiny
  11. Personal spiritual disciplines of Bible reading, prayer and worship
  12. An attitude of gratitude
  13. Stewardship - we are blessed to be a blessing
  14. An attitude of servanthood
  15. Integrity, honesty, exemplary behaviour in all areas of life
  16. Excellence - it honours God and inspires people
  17. Unchurched and once-churched people
  18. Being contemporary in style, without compromising Biblical standards or truths
  19. The involvement of believers in all areas of life, influencing and serving the community
  20. The family and its special role in society
Knowing God, Loving People, Changing Lives